Spin Servers | Our Cheapest 256GB Build Yet! $99/mo and some other stuff

In need of a great 256GB virtualization server? Sweet. We lowered our 256GB price down to our lowest price ever. So, act now because who knows how long we will let these go…

We are the perfect foundation to support your growth and success, and we are READY to accommodate your scale! Did you know that our sister company is TheServerStore.com, a well-established provider of enterprise IT equipment since 1994 specializing in preowned servers and workstations? We operate our own 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Texas with THOUSANDS of servers in stock at all times! This means that Spin Servers is able to work in synergy with TheServerStore, and we’re able to customize dedicated server hosting builds to meet any need and budget. Most importantly – we’re able to DELIVER a bulk quantity of servers and get them turned up to you very quickly, faster than our competitors can! Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

Spin Servers provides dedicated servers and colocation services out of our Dallas and San Jose data center facilities. Our motto is to let you “spin up servers” fast, seamlessly, and affordably. Here are some of the core features that make us one-of-a-kind:

Vertically Integrated: we are one of the first and only hosting providers to be an integrated hardware reseller. We started as hardware enthusiasts that scavenged for deals on undervalued server equipment coming off-lease. We have come a long way since the ’90s; we’re now one of the largest resellers of pre-owned servers on the planet.

  • We own 100% of the servers that are used for hosting. We have full control over quality and specifications.
  • Servers are an ASSET to our business, not an EXPENSE. We pass on tremendous cost savings to you. Spin Servers has thousands of servers in stock at all times!
  • Get VPC for Free (Virtual Private Cloud): Get the same isolated network as a VLAN without wasting IPs. You can seamlessly move servers & IP addresses between VPC’s. We are the only bare metal server provider offering VPC!
  • Bring Your Own IPs: Want to announce and use your own IP ranges with our servers? No problem, we will announce your IPs for free with an LOA!
  • Own Network: We operate our own network (AS396073) and have direct contracts with multiple Tier 1 carriers to provide a multi-homed network.
  • Full IPMI Access: For 24×7 out of band access, all servers come with full IPMI access which you can firewall to specific IP(s) for your security. Read More
  • A+B Power: Every server deployed by Spin Servers is cabled with dual power supplies. Spin Servers provide true A+B redundant power from separate feeds!

Dedicated Servers in Dallas, TX

Provisions within 30 Minutes!!

Dual E5-2630L v2
12 x 2.4 GHz (2.8 Turbo)
$129 -> $89/mo
Deploy Now – Use code LET89

Dual E5-2630L v0
12 x 2.0 GHz (2.5 Turbo)
128GB DDR3
4 x 2TB HDD RAID-10
$119 -> $99/mo
Deploy Now – Use code LET99

Dual E5-2630L v3
16 x 1.8 GHz (2.9 Turbo)
256GB DDR4
2 x 1.6 TB SSD RAID-1
$229 -> $125/mo
Deploy Now – Use code LET125

Looking Glass: http://dal-lg.spinservers.com/

Dedicated Servers in San Jose, CA

Provisions within 30 Minutes!!

Dual E5-2630L v3
16 x 1.8 GHz (2.9 Turbo)
256GB DDR4
2 x 1.6 TB SSD RAID-1
$229 -> $99/mo < whoa :)
Deploy Now – Use code 256FOR99

Looking Glass: http://sjc-lg.spinservers.com/

See our other dedicated server inventory here: https://www.spinservers.com/dedicated_servers.php

Don’t see the specs you want? Call, email, or chat with us! We definitely have what you’re looking for in stock, with access to thousands of servers ready to be deployed.

Here’s how your business can win with us:

All of our dedicated servers are provisioned on dual power supplies with true A+B redundant power. We operate our own ASN / network (AS396073) and use redundant network cabling for our servers. From day one, we’re not taking any shortcuts. We have a mission, and our entire team stands firmly behind it. We want to transform how the cloud computing world sees bare metal and hybrid servers so that large-scale server deployments can become affordable for companies of any size.

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