[HostShield.net] Netherlands – Dedicated Server E5 2650v3/32GB DDR4 @89.99$/m

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Prior to 2018, Hostshield LTD hosting company was developed by a young and tech-savvy team who followed their passion and dreams and decided to invest in the VPS industry. In that time, such investments were challenging due to market saturation and high competition. Hostshield’s main goal is to offer customers an exceptional experience with the lowest prices. For more than three years, we’ve been successfully growing and providing our services for hundred of customers all around the world. Behind our success story, stands a competent team who is committed to achieve the growth of our company. Thanks to our loyal customers, we’ve expanded our business and started offering dedicated servers at a unbeatable prices. We own all the hardwares which allows us to offer our services at a competitive price.

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Intel XeonE5 2650v3 @ 3,00Ghz turbo
Cores: 10 cores, 20 threads
HDD/SSD: 2 x 500GB SSD
Network: 1Gbit/s – 50TB
IPV4: 1 (Additional IPs can be purchased)
Location: Netherlands
KVM: Yes
DDOS Protection: Layer3/4 2Tbit
Price: $89.99USD / Monthly
Delivered within 2-6 hours

We accept the following payment methods:
Perfect Money
Bank Transfer

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