v6Node.com – IPv6 only KVM Nodes starting at 4.5€ /year

【AD】DMIT,美国CMIN2 VPS,8折优惠,折后$23.10/季(1核2G/20G SSD /[email protected]流量),三网回程CMIN2


During the past few months, I’ve been working on a new project which is based on my custom-developed billing/ provisioning panel for canvay.io

I’m now extending into the KVM segment with a different brand, let me introduce you to https://v6node.com
For years, I’ve been powering my own infrastructure primarily with IPv6 only.
This led me to build a simple, automated platform focused on IPv6-only hosting.

You can deploy KVM-based nodes in Germany with Singapore/ US to follow soon.

Each node comes with a /64 IPv6 subnet and NAT64/DNS64 server to reach IPv4-only systems like Github.

There’s also a custom reverse proxy integrated with support for as domains as you want, all with zero config SSL by default.
Port forwarding/ NAT for IPv4 will arrive in the next 1-2 weeks.
Routed IPv6 subnets will follow, both will be available for existing customers as well of course

I’ve created a few introduction offers for you, with recurring pricing
You can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit/ Debit card, or SEPA.
Billing is handled via Stripe

Node S
– 1 CPU
– 0.5GB RAM
– 5GB Disk
4.5€ /year with code 50OFF

Node M
– 1 CPU
– 10GB Disk
9€ /year with code 50OFF

Node L
– 2 CPU
– 20GB Disk
18€ /year with code 50OFF

Lager plans are available on https://v6Node.com


* Custom-developed and easy-to-use management interface
* Outgoing IPv4 still reachable thanks to preconfigured NAT64/DNS64 nameserver
* Integrated Reverse Proxy with automated SSL setup
* Pure ZFS SSD/ NVMe storage with Raid 1/ 10
* Dedicated /64 IPv6 subnet
* PTR/ rDNS is possible, just create a ticket
* Debian 11 / Ubuntu 22.04 / Alma Linux available based on minimal cloud images
* 2TB Traffic per Month (more should be no problem, just pop in a ticket)
* Hosted at Hetzner, Germany
* VNC is possible but not automated yet, just create a ticket

Happy to hear your feedback!

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