Spin Servers | 1G Unmetered E5-1280 v5 for $99/mo (only 10) & 256GB Build for $99

【AD】DMIT,美国CMIN2 VPS,8折优惠,折后$23.10/季(1核2G/20G SSD /[email protected]流量),三网回程CMIN2


Check this deal out partners. You can wrangle up a 1280v5 with 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth for only $99 per month over at Spin Servers. That sounds like a hoot and holler to me. Hurry and saddle your horse because we only have 10 available!

If that puts a hitch in your step then we still have our 256GB builds available for $99 in our San Jose location.

Not sure where I was going with the western thing, but I finished the current season of Yellowstone so I’m a cowboy now…

Dedicated Servers in Dallas, TX

Provisions within 30 Minutes!!

Intel E5-1280 v5
4c x 8t @ 3.7 GHz
1Gbps Unmetered
1 IPv4 Address
Deploy Now – No Code Needed

Dual E5-2630L v3
16 x 1.8 GHz (2.9 Turbo)
256GB DDR4
2 x 1.6 TB SSD RAID-1
$229 -> $125/mo
Deploy Now – Use code LET125

Looking Glass: http://dal-lg.spinservers.com/

Dedicated Servers in San Jose, CA

Provisions within 30 Minutes!!

Dual E5-2630L v3
16 x 1.8 GHz (2.9 Turbo)
256GB DDR4
2 x 1.6 TB SSD RAID-1
10 TB Bandwidth on a 10Gbps Port
$229 -> $99/mo < whoa :)
Deploy Now – Use code 256FOR99

Looking Glass: http://sjc-lg.spinservers.com/

See our other dedicated server inventory here: https://www.spinservers.com/dedicated_servers.php

Don’t see the specs you want? Call, email, or chat with us! We definitely have what you’re looking for in stock, with access to thousands of servers ready to be deployed.

Here’s how your business can win with us:

All of our dedicated servers are provisioned on dual power supplies with true A+B redundant power. We operate our own ASN / network (AS396073) and use redundant network cabling for our servers. From day one, we’re not taking any shortcuts. We have a mission, and our entire team stands firmly behind it. We want to transform how the cloud computing world sees bare metal and hybrid servers so that large-scale server deployments can become affordable for companies of any size.

Want to know more? Connect with us here:

Live Chat www.SpinServers.com
Email [email protected]
Call Us (833) SPIN SRV (774 6778)
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