Cloud Innovation’s IP space is going to be revoked by AFRINIC

Hmm, just noticed this announcement.

Dear Colleagues,

AFRINIC hereby informs all those concerned that it has initiated actions for the reclamation of Internet number resources from Cloud Innovation Ltd.

On 07 July 2021, the Supreme Court of Mauritius delivered a judgement whereby the application for injunction lodged by Cloud Innovation Ltd has been set aside.

Consequently, on 08 July 2021, AFRINIC’s Board of Directors, whilst acting reasonably and in good faith, more so, in light of the judgment of the Supreme Court of Mauritius, found that Cloud Innovation Ltd failed to honour its obligations under the Registration Service Agreement and has thus decided to terminate the membership of Cloud Innovation Ltd as well as reclaim its number resources in the following manner:

The resources previously allocated to Cloud Innovation Ltd will be ‘frozen’ on the AFRINIC WHOIS database with Cloud Innovation Ltd no longer having access to the same.

In order not to disrupt Internet connectivity of the relevant users especially in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, all affected users will exceptionally be granted a grace period of 90 days to consider other available options in their best interests. Consequently, the actual reclamation of the relevant number resources will occur following the expiry of the grace period.

Eddy Kayihura
Chief Executive Officer,
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)
ceo at

I did some research and there are around 20k inetnum objects frozen by AFRINIC. Here’s a summary: